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My real name is Thalia, but you can call me Tally. 


I am a wife, mother, researcher, writer and spiritual director.  I also work part-time as Director of Spiritual Formation at my church. And I coach my kids' summer swim team.  I am an exercise enthusiast, nature lover and frequent boycotter of social media (I actually deleted my first Facebook page).  I still am not very active except on Twitter, but the 2020 pandemic caused this extrovert to rethink how I connect with people and adjust my online social interactions. 

My main freelance gig is with Shaunti Feldhahn. I started out as her research assistant in 2006 and now serve as her Senior Researcher.  One of the highlights of my career, after years of research for her on marriage, resulted in our book, The Good News About Marriage, published in 2014!  I was a contributing author as well as researcher for this project. 

I continue to research for Shaunti anything related to or that impacts marriage, including religion, prayer, divorce rate and most recently, money.  I was highlighted as part of her research team for her latest book, Thriving in Love and Money, published in 2019.  

I have also published articles, ghost-written blogs and created bible studies and small group discussion guides for my church. 

I have been married to my husband Eric for 25 years and we have 4 kids ranging in age from recent college graduate down to elementary school.  We reside in the Columbus, Ohio area, but I am a Hoosier at heart, as 3 of my 4 siblings and parents still live in Indiana. 

Feel free to reach me through the social media links or the contact form below about my services.  

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