One week after launch


The biggest news about the book launch is the response the book continues to get from Catalyst. Shaunti submitted an article to Catalyst about the book before she spoke at the conference on April 30. We were amazed at the response from people at her session, as well as how well the book sold in the Catalyst book store.  The amazing thing is Shaunti’s article, posted after the conference (on their web site at has experienced over 47,000 views and 25,000 shares in social media to date.  This is truly phenomenal and not common for typical Catalyst articles. The overwhelming response confirms what we have thought all along: people want to hear good news, especially about marriage.  On that note, if you want to share positive news with young adults about marriage (besides buying our book), a great web site is   Sounds slightly corny I know, but some insightful articles to read and reflect on concerning relationships and marriage, tailored for the next generation.

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  1. Wow – I’m glad I found this site! Congratulations to you and to Shaunti – I can’t wait to read the book and follow your outstanding success…because you are following God’s leading! Well done, Tally Whitehead, published author.

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